Say I Do To The Rehearsal Dinner Of Your Dreams

From something borrowed to something blue, there's a lot to check off your perfect wedding list before you slice the cake. Seating arrangements, guest lists, colors, and picking out the ideal venue are among the top items on every couples' minds. Luckily, your friends at H on the Harbor have put together the ultimate pocket guide to planning an inspired rehearsal dinner.

Enjoy less stressed wedding planning and the happily ever after of your dreams!

Decide Who Will Host the Big Event

Tradition dictates that the groom's family typically hosts, organizes, and pays for the rehearsal dinner, while the bride's family is in charge of the ceremony. While some families like to adhere to a classical take on wedding planning, many modern couples choose to start their own traditions instead. The engaged parties may want full creative license to plan their special or both sets of parents may choose to share in the effort.

No matter who hosts the grand event, the intent behind the wedding rehearsal dinner remains the same; bringing two families together. Be sure to include input from each side and have fun involving your future in-laws in the big day!

Create The Guest List

Before you throw your hands up and shout "not another guest list!" take a deep breath. Wedding rehearsals are a far more intimate affair than the ceremony itself. In fact, keeping invitations to close family and the wedding party is recommended. Encourage your guests to bring a plus one if they'd like and enjoy the occasion with those who know you best.

Hosting a large party for your rehearsal dinner? Consider cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to stay on budget while entertaining a big group.

Pick a Theme

The wedding rehearsal dinner does not need to follow the same rules or color theme as your ceremony. This is your time to have fun and get creative with quirky, elegant, and unique center points to pull the whole affair together.


Imagine an homage to your first date or a 1920's themed party complete with Prohibition Era open bar and live jazz music. If you're looking to err more on the side of chic and sophisticated, a black and white rehearsal classically compliments any wedding party.  Some foodies love building the theme of their dinner around the menu. Take your guests on a culinary tour with artisan cuisine and craft brews to bring people together. Whatever the inspiration, make sure your event is unforgettable.

Scout the Perfect Venue

Find your venue match for the perfect Long Island wedding rehearsal dinner! A romantic atmosphere sets the tone for your fairy tale gathering. You'll want to book your venue at least four to six months in advance of the event. This means you should start thinking about the ideal space early on in the wedding planning process.

The key considerations when it comes to choosing a venue include seating, size, lighting, budget, and of course aesthetic appeal. Once you've narrowed down the guest list, bringing everyone together is simply a matter of securing the right space for your special event. Venues that offer a full service staff, catering options, and fabulous hospitality can make the rehearsal planning process simpler and less stressful for couples who'd prefer to reserve a complete wedding dinner package at one magical location.

Long Island's scenic Gold Coast is the perfect stage for a pre-wedding celebration with H on the Harbor. From exceptional service to elegant design, the rehearsal dinner of your dreams has never been closer. Reserve your happily ever after today and share your love story with us! Here's to your unique fairy tale.